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Doc Scratch, like everyone else in Homestuck, has a peculiar way of typing, and this is the post where you tell me if you don't want to see it.

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I cannot be Doc Scratch. That's just how it works. But I can damn well try and, er, I guess that's what I'm doing. If you have any comments, crit, or just want to say something to me or whatever floats your boat, drop a word here! All comments are screened and I don't bite, I promise.

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In canon, Doc Scratch is nearly omniscient, save for some "dark pockets" that obscure his knowledge. These dark pockets are, more often than not, temporary, and sometimes he can just deduce what's going on because he is, unfortunately, a pretty intelligent man.

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((OOC: Hey guys! This is technically two posts in one so I won't have to spam you, like, over the whole week (there's another post coming this weekend too. I'm sorry 8(). If you'd like, you can have your characters reply to the two halves of the post (A and B) as if they were literally different posts. Or maybe they only care about one. Either way, please tell me which part you're responding to in your subject lines! óuò))

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[It wasn't so long ago that the community decided to broadcast an image of Scratch's lifeless body; in fact, it was just during the last grabbag virus. So is it just doing the same thing again? Geez, that's boring.

... Aaand yup, it fades to black. What a load of--]

Drama Drama Duck.
This is the time for last words. From me to you, and otherwise.

Go ahead.
I'm not going to live forever, you know.

Haa haa.
Hee hee.
H o o h o o.

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Young ladies, there is a fresh supply of candy awaiting you in my humble quarters, among all other sorts of refreshments and snacks, since, although my repository of sweets is bottomless, your health is still a concern, and I would not want to ruin any of your lovely smiles.

Those who this message was meant for already know this is the case. Those who do not yet know it are completely free to know now.

((OOC: Scratch's harem so far consists of Makoto, Nepeta and... maybe... possibly... Retasu??? IT DOES IF YOU ASK HIM. Anyway, any girls are welcome to join in, as Scratch so roundaboutfully implied.))
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Scratch is seeing with his eyes and that bothers him more than anyone could imagine. Who put him in a human body? Is he on some Earth restaurant? Why in the world is he on Earth?

He has no idea, and if he doesn't get any answers soon, he might fly off the handle.

Good lord, he notes as he eyes his reflection in the glass, he looks disgusting.

Damn this community. He's going to put it to some good use yet, he swears.

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DDD: Party for no discernible reason other than the White Text Guy having said so.

Whether you were invited, came of your own volition, were dragged here by some weirdos in green, or just popped up in the classic "community made you do it" fashion, you are now in THE FELT MANSION. And since Doc Scratch is and will always be an excellent host, you can count on having good food, drinks, and party games aplenty.

There isn't much he can do about the TIME SHENANIGANS, though. But you can steer clear of those if you know how. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the mansion's collection of A THOUSAND CLOCKS.

(Speaking of time shenanigans, you may also want to refer here for a rough explanation of what those shenanigans might be. But don't worry about it too much, really. You can just say something if you want to run into a Felt NPC and, hopefully, the shenanigans will be immensely fun for all.)

You should also feel free to START ANY NEW THREADS.

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My apologies for making another post so soon, but I feel the need to announce that, today, the community just got a little bit poorer. Although I don't suppose there are any among you who understand better than I what a pleasure it was to speak with Yukari Yakumo.

On an unrelated note, I have discerned that most other worlds are preparing to celebrate, or in the process of celebrating the winter solstice. I would have loved to invite all of you to my apartment for this occasion, or even for the impending human New Year - I could have even arranged to make it happen, say, yesterday from my perspective, for ease of scheduling - but I see others have already made plans.
Ah, well. Perhaps next time, if I live long enough to see one.

Lastly, I am as bothered by the changes in this blogging platform's coding as the rest of you and, for the time being, I have enabled customised comment pages. I hope you find the colors soothing, along with the convenient presence of a dropdown menu to choose icons from and the ability to use subject lines. I am always, even on the Internet, an excellent host.
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I have stumbled upon a...

charming little blog.

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((Feel free to rummage through that Tumblr, particularly free to assume that the most spoilery images are invisible to the cast and intimately related CR (if you're not familiar with Homestuck as a canon, you can either ask or just not worry about it, Scratch can work something out), and especially free to think of me as a terrible person.))
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[The doppelganger is gone, but the community has one last virus for Scratch:]

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((I-I CAN STOP BOTHERING YOU ALL FOR A WHILE NOW. One important note: Scratch can only see video B. You are obviously free to comment on both, but he won't know what the fuck. And that is pretty funny to me.))
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Cut for courier and Homestuck spoilers )

((OOC: Hey there, cast/related people! If you'd rather forbid your character from seeing this video for whatever reason, shoot me a PM and I'll get some locks in here because God knows the community is very mindful of spoilers. ouo))
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At times, my omniscience allows me to experience a sensation very few of you could possibly understand. That being the case, I will not even try to explain it to you.

Today is an excellent day.

Would anyone care for some candy? I have your favorite.


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