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[It wasn't so long ago that the community decided to broadcast an image of Scratch's lifeless body; in fact, it was just during the last grabbag virus. So is it just doing the same thing again? Geez, that's boring.

... Aaand yup, it fades to black. What a load of--]

Drama Drama Duck.
This is the time for last words. From me to you, and otherwise.

Go ahead.
I'm not going to live forever, you know.

Haa haa.
Hee hee.
H o o h o o.

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[The doppelganger is gone, but the community has one last virus for Scratch:]

OOC cut )

((I-I CAN STOP BOTHERING YOU ALL FOR A WHILE NOW. One important note: Scratch can only see video B. You are obviously free to comment on both, but he won't know what the fuck. And that is pretty funny to me.))
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Cut for courier and Homestuck spoilers )

((OOC: Hey there, cast/related people! If you'd rather forbid your character from seeing this video for whatever reason, shoot me a PM and I'll get some locks in here because God knows the community is very mindful of spoilers. ouo))


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