docfoul: (Handmaid I am home now and-- oh okay.)
Doc Scratch ([personal profile] docfoul) wrote2011-11-18 11:13 pm
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⓪④ ; video ; A Glimpse Into Memory Lane

This is a video of a METEOR flying through space. It is not very EXCITING.

It does get a bit STRANGE when the meteor appears to flash, though, and stranger still when you notice it has STOPPED COMPLETELY IN MID-AIR, suddenly a few meters above Doc Scratch and a STUPIDLY GREEN apartment building.

The video pans down to Scratch's arms, holding a happy, cute little GRUB. And then it's OVER.

((OOC: Hey there, cast/related people! If you'd rather forbid your character from seeing this video for whatever reason, shoot me a PM and I'll get some locks in here because God knows the community is very mindful of spoilers. ouo))

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