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Permissions Post 2: Omniscient Boogaloo

In canon, Doc Scratch is nearly omniscient, save for some "dark pockets" that obscure his knowledge. These dark pockets are, more often than not, temporary, and sometimes he can just deduce what's going on because he is, unfortunately, a pretty intelligent man.

That's why this post exists.Just tell me the extent to which Doc Scratch is allowed to know about your character  - I'll organise this in levels from 0 to 3 because it's convenient and because I've decided it just now. However, keep in mind (especially for 2 and 3) that Scratch will NOT spoil your character on events they don't know about yet. He will tease and prod and allude and be generally infuriating, but he will never outright say anything like "hey this is when you're doing to die." Anyway, here:

Level 0: Nothing at all. Scratch will only know what any ordinary human being would know. Even if your character doesn't have any sorts of powers to protect them from, say, psychics and the like, the community itself will create a dark pocket around them. That means Scratch cannot, and will never be able to see what's going on around your character, quite possibly even if he's standing 2 feet away from them.

Level 1: Basic knowledge; things like your character's name and what they do in life. Acquaintance-level knowledge, pretty much. Let's chalk this level up to, er, holey dark pockets. Yes.

Level 2: Intermediate knowledge; this includes more details about your character's life, past, present and, with a bit more difficulty, future. Feel free to specify exactly what Scratch is allowed to know!

Level 3: Advanced, near-complete knowledge - just as it would be in canon (in most circumstances). If you're going to go with this, first, I thank you for it, and second, it'd be super-nice if you left me a way to know stuff about your character that can't be easily found with a Google search! Maybe a link to a character survey meme, or a headcanon dump, or anything, really. I promise to make good use of it.

If you have any questions or anything to add at all, go ahead and say it! I know I'm not the best at explaining things sometimes, a-ahahaha.

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