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DDD: Party for no discernible reason other than the White Text Guy having said so.

Whether you were invited, came of your own volition, were dragged here by some weirdos in green, or just popped up in the classic "community made you do it" fashion, you are now in THE FELT MANSION. And since Doc Scratch is and will always be an excellent host, you can count on having good food, drinks, and party games aplenty.

There isn't much he can do about the TIME SHENANIGANS, though. But you can steer clear of those if you know how. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the mansion's collection of A THOUSAND CLOCKS.

(Speaking of time shenanigans, you may also want to refer here for a rough explanation of what those shenanigans might be. But don't worry about it too much, really. You can just say something if you want to run into a Felt NPC and, hopefully, the shenanigans will be immensely fun for all.)

You should also feel free to START ANY NEW THREADS.

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I have stumbled upon a...

charming little blog.

OOCly cut picture )

((Feel free to rummage through that Tumblr, particularly free to assume that the most spoilery images are invisible to the cast and intimately related CR (if you're not familiar with Homestuck as a canon, you can either ask or just not worry about it, Scratch can work something out), and especially free to think of me as a terrible person.))


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