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⓪② ; Subtle gloating: the best way to diminish worries (which are unbecoming of a First Guardian)

Rose Lalonde can no longer access the community.

In other news, I see we have once again been hit by a virus - this time, one which fosters miscommunication and nothing more threatening than pure shenanigans.
You may be wondering if I have been affected too, by which I mean to say that some of you are. Much to the chagrin of those who do not care, I will explain regardless: yes, I was momentarily stunned by my inability to express myself in anything but my native language. However, after obtaining some Earth dictionaries and perusing them, the matter has been resolved.
I am now volunteering myself to translate between any language at all. I know I am not the first to make this offer, but I do have the added advantage of being completely fluent in Alternian as well.
That should be all.

You note that the exact same message has been repeated below in ALTERNIAN. Unfortunately, you have to imagine it, because there are no ENGLISH-TO-ALTERNIAN translation tools on the Internet and Naem is LAZY.

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What about the worlds that exists on different earths?

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[Why Is She Gone
No Wait You Wont Tell Me
Thats Worse Than The Virus And You Say It In Such A Manner
Argh You]


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[ Then Forgive My Insolence
As That Version Of Her Was My Matesprit And Now I Have No Way Of Making Sure That She Doesnt Do Something Stupid
This Community Is Important I Think
I Dont Know Okay Im Just Slightly Upset ]

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Smuggy qball, sound as trustful as a box behemoth.

[And, quite frankly, who would trust someone who put a behemoth in a treasure chest? Especially if they sound like a smug bastard.]

Changing the toens! Else the trusts squiddle through fingers like sieve in rain.

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Bah! The qball doesn't hit the arrows. Smuggy qbeast, shut your blah blah blah and ear. More signs about oooh so trustworthy oooh, less actual trusts. QB! Show, don't tell!

question: do I carry records of smuggy qbeast smugging all over small children? or do I actual helpfulness? fluff fluff ha....

Y tanglebeast with you? Magicless. Board.


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Your face!


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The smuggy qbeast shows the truth form at last!


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Not merely a smuggy qbeast. No, it has the special marklines, a baby scribble, to show the nasty prize inside the ball.

and DONE

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A long-nose pervert truth-sausage-baker hammerhead of contest smuggy smirky qbeast!
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Bring the explains! I wish to hear your machines.

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So, you father is a long-nose pervert truth-sausage-baker hammerhead of contest smuggy smirky qbeast?

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A no-nose pervert truth-sausage-baker hammerhead of contest smuggy smirky qbeast?

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So, not going to speach the truth about your parents?

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what happened to lalonde