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⓪① ; video (backdated to before the ball)

You, the DRAMA DRAMA DUCKLING, are now being treated to a fabulous view of a VERY, VERY GREEN ROOM. In this room, DOC SCRATCH is having a conversation with SOME WOMAN DRESSED ENTIRELY IN BLACK. This conversation isn't really relevant to anything. Probably. If it is, there's no way to tell now, since the woman has just disappeared. Still, you should take note of how easily Doc Scratch speaks despite his lack of a mouth. A menial task for the nigh-omniscient, as he would put it.

You can now see Doc Scratch standing idly there. You may not command him to do anything; you can merely watch.

And then, he turns his head - presumably, at least, since it's a little hard to tell - directly towards the source of the video.

He is being watched.

The second-to-last thing you see is a crackle of electricity around his body.

The LAST thing you see is

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I bet I can tell w)(at your favorite color is!

> Yukari: Pester the cueball [private to Scratch]

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Acquaintance, or co-conspirator? If the latter, best be careful. Your world seems to be catching the community like a disease. Wouldn't want her to get it and further interfere, would you?


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Or it could be disastrous to the rest of the multiverse. She seems the type of woman that would stab your eye out for fun.


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Oh, I'm aware. I was simply thinking of alternate-timeline versions of her going on a bloody rampage for kicks. It brings a bit of a smile to my face to think about.

So is she interested in bringing your master back, as well?

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[ WELL THAT DISPLAY OF BLATANT POWER WASN'T DISTURBING OR UNSETTLING AT ALL, NOPE especially not to someone who knows the signature of a near-omniscient

Cas will just be here

/jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ing at this while he tries to figure out what this is about ]

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Forgive me for being skeptical, but you could say that even if you were.

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Do you not like being watched?

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I'm glad to see the community doesn't make you an exception.

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