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⑫ video ; I trust you won't take it personally.

((OOC: Hey guys! This is technically two posts in one so I won't have to spam you, like, over the whole week (there's another post coming this weekend too. I'm sorry 8(). If you'd like, you can have your characters reply to the two halves of the post (A and B) as if they were literally different posts. Or maybe they only care about one. Either way, please tell me which part you're responding to in your subject lines! óuò))


[As the feed opens, you might be able to catch a glimpse of Doc Scratch making a scratched disc disappear. He says something to an unseen party, then steps aside and addresses the "camera":]

Greetings. I am currently taking a very brief break from attending to my first guest to explain a series of things.

Firstly, this is the point where I expect to be too busy for extended pointless chatter. I am and will be doing a number of important things, among which are repairing this disc and retrieving some moments contained in it to share with this guest.

Secondly, if you would care to tune in again soon, I can give you a slightly more detailed account of what has just happened - from your perspective - with our Seer of Light. Ordinarily, the events you witnessed would have my guiding hand behind them. However, it seems the community has made a pretense of switching fate around, and my involvement was done without. It's a shame, as I am sure you would have enjoyed the charming conversation we were supposed to have.

Do not misunderstand me, though. This mild deviation has succeeded in nothing at all. If it is true - and it is - that the events of this saga have been primarily influenced by me, changed to a lesser extent by my guest, and even more negligibly so by our heroes, then the community's influence should be considered nothing more than a grain of sand in the sea.

You will see me in a moment.

[The feed cuts out. When it comes back, it is set on a picture in Scratch's scrapbook...] Here we left our human Hero of Light. She flew away to take vengeance on the Noir this side of The Scratch. That is, the one less angry and dangerous. The one not yet unmotivated by a compelling duel.

Compelling, but not particularly challenging. The Seer wouldn't win this duel.

My apologies if this spoils the outcome for you. I can't speak as discreetly about such matters against this canvas.

[Well, that's... that. The feed clicks off and on again - for a moment, you might see a little man in a black carapace setting Scratch's house on fire. Scratch doesn't seem to care.]


[Wait, another post so soon? The last one was no longer than a few hours ago and holy crap Scratch is beating the shit out of that man from before. He chases him down to the next rooftop - if he had a face, he would probably look furious at the moment - and proceeds to point a magnum, white as his text, straight at the man's head.]

You are not supposed to kiss her, Mr. Noir.

[... And then, he flips the gun the other way. His body - and the space around him - incessantly flickers bright green.]

Now leave, and never darken my door again.

[The green light show dies down. Scratch disappears.]

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