docfoul: (Stop playing hard to get~)
Doc Scratch ([personal profile] docfoul) wrote2012-03-28 08:27 pm
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⑩ ; Just come to my plushie bosom

Young ladies, there is a fresh supply of candy awaiting you in my humble quarters, among all other sorts of refreshments and snacks, since, although my repository of sweets is bottomless, your health is still a concern, and I would not want to ruin any of your lovely smiles.

Those who this message was meant for already know this is the case. Those who do not yet know it are completely free to know now.

((OOC: Scratch's harem so far consists of Makoto, Nepeta and... maybe... possibly... Retasu??? IT DOES IF YOU ASK HIM. Anyway, any girls are welcome to join in, as Scratch so roundaboutfully implied.))

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