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⓪⑨ ; Blindsided (AKA a date with Kurt)

Scratch is seeing with his eyes and that bothers him more than anyone could imagine. Who put him in a human body? Is he on some Earth restaurant? Why in the world is he on Earth?

He has no idea, and if he doesn't get any answers soon, he might fly off the handle.

Good lord, he notes as he eyes his reflection in the glass, he looks disgusting.

Damn this community. He's going to put it to some good use yet, he swears.

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Kurt wasn't a happy camper either. He was used to the comm dragging him to different worlds all of sudden, but Blaine was hurt and he wanted to stay with him not waste his time here. He didn't even knew where 'here' was exactly, but at least the place was fancy.

He was sitting in front of a table set for two and one of the waiters said that his supposed date would be there in a moment. The faster the better, he thought. He wanted to leave already.
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He returns the smile briefly, more polite than sincere as he felt rather wary about this whole encounter. He doesn't recognize that man from the comm. Of course he doesn't know everyone there, but at least he could have seen some video or post that matched his face. There was nothing, and for a moment he worried that perhaps this was not the community doing.

"Not really sir, I'm actually wondering what is going on." At least the man seemed as lost as him. "I'm Kurt."
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"You do...?" Because sadly he doesn't really recognize him in return. The name rings a bell, though. He's sure he heard that name before but Doctor Scratch looks really different. Kurt's eyes widen slightly.

"Mr Scratch, the man with the white b...uhm...?" 'Giant ping pong ball head' sounds a bit too rude. "You..that's how you look under the..uhm..thing?"
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Handsome visage is not exactly how Kurt would describe Scratch's looks but perhaps he really was attractive in his world. Who was he to judge?

"You don't look so bad, trust me. And I know how is to suddenly wake up with a world that's not the one you used to have."
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It's about perception and loving yourself.

What was that, Scratch, oh god. "Good because, uhm, I already have a boyfriend and no offense but you are a bit too old for me. And I don't know you like, at all. I will try my best too."
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“I do wonder now how old you really are, it's hard to tell with people from the community, sir.” Kurt gave him a smile and shook his head "Not really, I’m not sure we get to choose, the waiter just tell me to wait."
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“The community is doing this, that place is hardly polite. Produce it? You can do...magic?”

The waiter was back with a cart of food and a bottle of wine. He left it all in the table, served the wine and left again after wishing them a good evening.
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"what do you mean with 'Perhaps'. It either is magic or it isn't." Kurt's still under 21, he drunk before but he wont' do it in front of an adult. He notices the staring, though. "You're okay?"
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"I saw it and experimented magic, I can tell you for sure it exist. Perhaps not in your world, though, it doesn’t exist in mine either. Not that I'm aware. But in the general's real" Kurt still gives him a look, mix of concern and curiosity. “If you are sure...”
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That's startles Kurt. His hands move up just in case he's going to pass out or hit his head on the table. "Ey! You're okay? "
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"Are you sure'" He still looks concerned. His Dad had a heart attack, he freaks out when adults get sick. "I can ask them to bring you some water."
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"What was all that?" He leans back in his chair, frowning very slightly.
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“You never drank before?” Kurt pretty much came up with the conclusions, since normal, Scratch has no mouth. “How you survive?”
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Why did he had to say it like that Kurt winces slightly. "That's..interesting. I do, very often, in fact."
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He's a teen, his mind is in the gutter sometimes :x.

"Why you don't?"
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Kurt doesn't look impressed. "You're a god?" He's clearly in love with the idea, Scratch should be able to tell.
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"That's good." Kurt sill looks a bit pouty.