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⓪⑦ ; "Hey Naem when are you going to address that thing--" "NO LET ME MOURN YUKARI"

My apologies for making another post so soon, but I feel the need to announce that, today, the community just got a little bit poorer. Although I don't suppose there are any among you who understand better than I what a pleasure it was to speak with Yukari Yakumo.

On an unrelated note, I have discerned that most other worlds are preparing to celebrate, or in the process of celebrating the winter solstice. I would have loved to invite all of you to my apartment for this occasion, or even for the impending human New Year - I could have even arranged to make it happen, say, yesterday from my perspective, for ease of scheduling - but I see others have already made plans.
Ah, well. Perhaps next time, if I live long enough to see one.

Lastly, I am as bothered by the changes in this blogging platform's coding as the rest of you and, for the time being, I have enabled customised comment pages. I hope you find the colors soothing, along with the convenient presence of a dropdown menu to choose icons from and the ability to use subject lines. I am always, even on the Internet, an excellent host.
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It's a bit clunky, isn't it?
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I can use my icons again!

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I'm sorry. A lot of people suddenly left...

I'm sure you will! Or, um, I guess you would know better than me...

It looks nice!

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Midori? Um, I guess it makes sense, because my name is Midorikawa Retasu, and I guess because green is sort of the thing with me... I mean, my birthday is even on the Day of Green -- oh, that's part of Golden Week, or, um, do you know what that is, too? So I suppose calling me something like that makes sense...

I don't think I'm doing anything special, though.

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Don't worry about it, it's fine, really!

Um... about your friend, is there anything we can do?


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This place loves to hurt people, doesn't it?

(seriously, look at this thing)


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To tell you the truth, I want to do something like that, too. At least to protect my friends.


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Of course! I mean, you're doing the best you can to keep this place from doing the things that destroy people for fun.

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I suppose I could... I mean, I need to know what I can do to help people agree with what you, um, what we need to do, anyway.

Okay! o7

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I hope I don't cause you any trouble.

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I'm sorry your friend is gone.

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[She offers him a warm smile.]

She may. A lot of people have.