docfoul: (I have been expecting you.)
Doc Scratch ([personal profile] docfoul) wrote2030-07-23 06:14 pm
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Text Permissions

Doc Scratch, like everyone else in Homestuck, has a peculiar way of typing, and this is the post where you tell me if you don't want to see it.

Good news: he types with perfect grammar and syntax, save for the mun's inevitable slip-ups.

Bad news: he types in white. Yes, pure #ffffff white. Occasionally, if he feels hospitable, he will enclose his words in black brackets, [like so,] and if he's being really, really courteous, he will actually change the background colour.
In fact, all posts in his journal will use this by default, because it's like his own little mansion. On LJ. Er.

Anyway! If you have a preferred form of address, say so here and I'll keep it in mind for all future interactions! Additionally, if you'd rather not interact with Scratch at all, that's cool too. Just say the word and there will be no smug homestucks pestering you.

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