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Permissions Post 2: Omniscient Boogaloo

In canon, Doc Scratch is nearly omniscient, save for some "dark pockets" that obscure his knowledge. These dark pockets are, more often than not, temporary, and sometimes he can just deduce what's going on because he is, unfortunately, a pretty intelligent man.

That's why this post exists.Just tell me the extent to which Doc Scratch is allowed to know about your character  - I'll organise this in levels from 0 to 3 because it's convenient and because I've decided it just now. However, keep in mind (especially for 2 and 3) that Scratch will NOT spoil your character on events they don't know about yet. He will tease and prod and allude and be generally infuriating, but he will never outright say anything like "hey this is when you're doing to die." Anyway, here:

Level 0: Nothing at all. Scratch will only know what any ordinary human being would know. Even if your character doesn't have any sorts of powers to protect them from, say, psychics and the like, the community itself will create a dark pocket around them. That means Scratch cannot, and will never be able to see what's going on around your character, quite possibly even if he's standing 2 feet away from them.

Level 1: Basic knowledge; things like your character's name and what they do in life. Acquaintance-level knowledge, pretty much. Let's chalk this level up to, er, holey dark pockets. Yes.

Level 2: Intermediate knowledge; this includes more details about your character's life, past, present and, with a bit more difficulty, future. Feel free to specify exactly what Scratch is allowed to know!

Level 3: Advanced, near-complete knowledge - just as it would be in canon (in most circumstances). If you're going to go with this, first, I thank you for it, and second, it'd be super-nice if you left me a way to know stuff about your character that can't be easily found with a Google search! Maybe a link to a character survey meme, or a headcanon dump, or anything, really. I promise to make good use of it.

If you have any questions or anything to add at all, go ahead and say it! I know I'm not the best at explaining things sometimes, a-ahahaha.

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He can go up to Level 3 with Tails and he can even fourth-wall him if you want. Here and here are good links for more info on him (though ignore the age since I've made him 12 for timeline sake).

Any head canon stuff you can just ask me.

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You can always ping me to ask any question from 'what is his favorite type of candy' to 'what scares her the most' to 'how do I piss him off the fastest'! You have my AIM at ryudojitemple and I have notifs turned on at Plurk.

This is easier to sort by levels than it is by character given how many I have. Eheh. Also, I've been meaning to do way more surveys, especially for Issei, font of headcanon.

Level 0: Nessiah / [ profile] grancenturio
Level 1: Nobody here but us chickens.
Level 2: Kanna / [ profile] bonywings (he can know everything about her, but not about her tons of reincarnations because geeze, I don't want to keep track of that and neither do you)
Level 3: Issei Ryudo / [ profile] ewwgirls (with the one exception of Kaitou Kid's identity, he will storm over there and strangle your scrawny puppet neck if you know that), Naesala / [ profile] cawing, Sealand / [ profile] defactonation, Sherry Birkin / [ profile] vinodejerez, Heather / [ profile] sapphicthief, Equius Zahhak / [ profile] stronghighfive, Rider / [ profile] ridingchariots

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Kanaya would be a level three, and I don't think I need to give you a link for her. And she knows he knows everything about her, anyways. Much to her distaste and eternal regret. If you need anything about her stay at DDD, I'll help you out but canon-wise I think you might be set?

Vanille will be level three as well. With a handy Wiki link.

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Level 3 for Zelgadiss and Pretty Butterfly. Since both wiki articles are a bit on the sparse side you can feel free to inquire with me about anything not contained therein (especially Zel, who's had weird things happen to him due to the community during a gap in canon and as a result is currently no longer a chimera).

Jak I'm putting at Level 0. I don't know if he actually has any specific psychic resistance or anything, but we can chalk it up to the power of the Precursors and him being something approaching a Chosen One (they didn't have a backup hero, but if they did he's who the backup hero would be for). Given how the Precursors are with each other, I'm not sure they'd play nice with other supreme beings, even if they are a bunch of fuzzy little rats.

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Roze would be level three. If you ever want to hit me up here or through AIM (sillyslanders, yo) then I'll be happy to tell you anything you wanna know.

^_^ And if you dun like me (:() I can write you out a history and link you instead. There isn't a lot written about Roze or I would link you.

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All links are spoilery.

Level 1: 11-12 (The Prisoner) [ profile] number1112 Link

Level 3: Gellert Grindelwald (Harry Potter) [ profile] darklycharming Link
Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) [ profile] master_draco Link
Jemmy J.J. Adams (FAKE) [ profile] jjadams Link
Cosmo Cosma (The Fairly OddParents) [ profile] oddfairy Link
Jack Kelso (L.A. Noire) [ profile] jack_kelso Link

I'm good with anybody being told anything (they won't all necessarily believe it though) - exception being 11-12, although he'll be going through his canon this month so after that he's fair game too.

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Level three for all of these guys is fine:

Azula | [ profile] peoplesprincess/[ profile] emberandash
Charlotte A. Cavatica | [ profile] lovelylyrical
Eris Wasmayer | [ profile] huntedwitch
Hermione Granger | [ profile] bookishnettler
Josh Lyman | [ profile] mockspeople
Lucy Pevensie | [ profile] lionheartedly
Prim Everdeen | [ profile] supplanted
Regina George | [ profile] losethreepounds
Samara Morgan | [ profile] weliveandwecry

I don't really have any headcanon links that aren't at least partially out of date, sorry 8( But feel free to poke me if you ever have any questions. ♥

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For Kefka, can I say that his past and present are Level 3 but his future is Level 0? I'll get you a meme with that stuff in the morning!
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Reading his white text is going to be sooooo fun using the iPhone/iPad to read this because the highlight-to-reveal text thing doesn't work the same way it does on a pc (or if it does, I don't know how it works). The good news is that the text color changes to black when the hidden text is copied and pasted elsewhere! So I got no problem with this, really.

Anyways, for Dead Master he can know anything (because I took her at the end of her canon), except for what she is (an 'Otherself' and this is mostly because canon is very vague on what that is; but I did try to explain it in her profile), what her 'other' name is, and what the 'essence of death' thing is attributed to her scythe (again, because canon doesn't explain it very well).

 For Issun, it's whatever the Doc can know without imposing on Ammy's territory (meaning, there'll be a dark pocket around anything to do with Ammy's and Issun's Celestial Brush).  Issun deals with omniscient beings/gods 'cuz of his own canon, so he's used to them knowing everything already. Issun'll think he's a prophet of some sort and move on with his life.

I guess Issun's level 3 with near complete knowledge and DM's level 2. Sound good?

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Level 3 is totally fine! This is a pretty complete reference guide re: Rachel, though when it comes to her relationships with some people, like Jesse and Finn in particular, that may take some question-asking, as Jesse's presence in the game and not (more than likely) in the show anymore, this definitely affects the way she acts around both boys o/ so when it comes to that, and you come up with any questions, feel free to ask!

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i'm good with up to level 3! go wild
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[personal profile] material_guy 2011-08-27 11:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Level 3/whatever's fitting on Greed and Toshio Ozaki ([ profile] sotobas_lot). You know Greed. Ozaki's a 32 year old male whose town is in the midsts of a vampire outbreak that he's treating like a regular disease epidemic. Being typical J-horror, it ends badly. If you need specifics... THEN HOW SHALL YOU EVER GET IN TOUCH WITH ME?!?!

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Level 3 for everyone. "Everyone" for me, as a refresher, currently includes Misumi Nagisa ([ profile] cannotbelieve), Midorikawa Retasu ([ profile] 100thbrokendish), Kirishima Kano ([ profile] ifbymyhands), Rarity ([ profile] diamondmarked), and, naturally, Jade Harley ([ profile] carryarifle).
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I shall copy Mini.

level 1: Batou ([ profile] machine_purist) and Carrion ([ profile] cruelty_begs).
level 2: Masmori ([ profile] shadow_spread). Scratch can know more about Masamori's involvement with the Shadow Organization (i.e. that he's on the Council of Twelve) than Masa's let on in-game. He can also know some of Masa's family background (that his family are kekkaishi who guard Karasumori and so forth). What would be hidden is more information about Masa's personality and thoughts. (If you want more specifics ask me, I can talk about Masa forever.)
level 3: All the rest of mine, those being Megamind ([ profile] destinedforwhat), Sayaka ([ profile] contrapuntally), and Ayako ([ profile] doesitwithtrees). Their apps are all posted on their journals and should give you good information, and feel free to hit me up for any more details!
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Even trade. Whatever Yukari gives to you, she'll expect back ABOUT you.

She's basically the closest her canon comes to omnipotent, so she could block off knowledge of herself... but then, why would she do that unless someone was blocking off their own knowledge?

(For ease of playing, we'll assume Level 2 both ways? Basic canon on both, but not the intricacies.)

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I shall copy Mini with this one too, I think.

Level 2: England ([ profile] ofhopeandglory) - this is more for your ease, seeing as how I'm playing him modern-day and he's a country, so it'd be impossible for either of us to know his future. ^^; So Scratch can see pretty much everything about him apart from his future, which is conveniently shrouded in dark pockets, ahahaha.
I'd also like to put Madoka ([ profile] stillneedawish) here too, please! Scratch can know everything about her up to and including the fact that she's currently trapped in a series of time loops and that she's got a growing potential as a magical girl/witch, but I'd appreciate it if her future, especially the part about her eventually becoming a god, was a bit patchy for him, since that comes out of left field for pretty much everyone in the story when it happens. :3

Level 3: Pearl ([ profile] ghostshippingly), Lyle ([ profile] not_that_lockon), Roxas ([ profile] seasaltzombie) and Castiel ([ profile] loyalbound) are all up for grabs here! Feel free to know everything and anything about them, hehe.
Ten ([ profile] timey_wimey) is also here - with the exception of Scratch not being able to know the Doctor's real name as it's some sort of universal canon secret. :'>;; Otherwise, go ahead!

If you need to ask me anything about anyone, especially Ten and Pearl who have years of DDD development in their game history, feel free to hit me up on plurk or AIM, or I could write something up for the people who've been here longer. ^^

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[personal profile] potatochips 2011-09-14 08:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Level 3 for Jane Foster [ profile] accidents, Aang [ profile] energybends, Capt. Jack Sparrow [ profile] andthehat (I did that big-question-survey-of-doom :D). Free game on them

Harry Potter [ profile] fromacupboard you can to level three too (because everyone knows his life eveeer) but don't ever ever mention the horcrux thing at him directly because canon would AU SO HARD if that happened. And uh-- if he's leaning into mentioning something big spoiler-y ask me first, okay? (Snape kills Dumbledore etc etc you know) but minor shit go ahead.

And now for Light [ profile] wasbored~ I had to think so hard on this one. I'm going with Level 3. I figure Eris already knows and Harumi 4th walls him so... But don't tell anyone he's Kira. I like when people find out he's crazy on their own. I'M TRUSTING YOU NOT TO ABUSE THIS, bb orz
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[personal profile] owlcreation 2011-11-02 06:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Kaworu: Likely to sit around Level II. However, that is not to say that Scratch would not receive interference if there’s any tangible investigation going on. Unfortunately for him, Kaworu has possession of an A.T. Field, which will make it difficult to get a lot of substantial information from him. While it is likely true that Scratch could pick up that he would be a potential problem (granted his nature as an Angel), it is doubtful that he’ll get the full idea of what he is. Certainly, he could assume he isn’t wholly human based on the sheer idea that he has a barrier that is immensely powerful – doubly so in that it capacity to shove people out – but again, it is unlikely he’ll be able to put together the whole idea of him. However, I say Level II for a reason: Scratch is welcome to pick up his past minus the details of SEELE and what it was he was aiming for. This means, however, he can have access to the fact he wasn’t brought up in a home from the scraps he could see. Similarly, he can know that his native (human) language isn’t Japanese, but German. He’s also welcome to know about his being a pilot. However, as for his death(s)? I’ll allow full access to the second (from his body literally decaying) and the impression of his first – meaning he’ll know he’s died twice, but lack the details of the first. So, summarizing: He can know everything outside of SEELE, anything to do with the MPEs, most of his facility life, his nature as an Angel (he can get a sense he could be a problem), and his first death/what he was aiming for. He can certainly know he was a traitor to Shinji. He can also know the future in some sense, but I’m not even sure on it at this point. So, it is best to ask me if you want anything in particular.

Kouichi: Again, likely to sit around Level II. I say this for the sheer fact that his memories are extremely extensive, granted he’s lived for well over a century and has switched forms using the tenpenka. Thus, I think all of his past would be kind of a mess to pick up given his switching, at the very least. I would prefer that he didn’t know about his wanting Miharu to use the Shinrabanshou, but he could certainly know about his long-standing wish to die, his life as a ninja, and could get the vague idea of his being a “monster.” His immortality would be something that he could speculate on, but he gets very ruthless when his secrets are threatened. So, there is that. I trust you won’t spoil him to the future or spoil anyone else, so I’ll let you have a go at that. So, in short: His past would be murky, his future would be a little clearer – but would leave out the bits about his immortality and his nature as an owl. He could certainly see all the rest, though – especially his ties to Raimei and his later “death.”

N: Level II, again. He is more than welcome to see most of his past and most of his future, but I would prefer that his future be hazier than his past, granted that N can’t even determine it clearly. I trust, again, you won’t spoil him if he picks up something different. Similarly, if you want any particular details about his past, please ask.

Note: Just don’t spoil anyone or have him go about telling folks about what he knows outside a lock that is crucial. If you have any questions about what is and is not crucial, just ask!
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lookit me actually remembering to give permissions

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Brennan, Temperance
3. Totes down with knowing everything. She's not likely to believe him anyway.

Fujiyoshi, Harumi
Either 3 or 0. It's up to you. Frankly, there's so much about her series that's just ridiculous it probably would just seem like a scramble of events-- sometimes even repeating events followed by complaints about repeating events because that'll piss viewers off but there's no evidence of any of them being actresses/actors-- and nothing's really in order. It'd probably be less confusing to him to have 0, so I give you the choice! It might be easier to have 0 too, since she knows about a bunch of different people on account of the anime-watchin' and that'd be like. Permissions inside of permissions. PERMISSIONCEPTION.

Nakamura, Yuri
3. I'm typing this up at work right now, but the main thing you'll need to know headcanon about is her death and I'll IM you about that later. It's never stated so I kind of had to work through it (and I even discussed it with a few others to make sure it's plausible and I'm not crazy). But, I'll come up with a nice coherent explanation for you when it's not morning and I'm not at work.

Natsume, Takashi
1.5 maybe? Natsume's cat puts up a lot of fancy barriers to keep things out and I imagine that could totally screw with a lot of his omniscience, especially since Natsume's surrounded by things that aren't human and has powers of his own that tend to protect him from certain things. Basically there'd be wibbly-wobbliness all over and Scratch might occasionally and spontaneously get information, but not a lot of it without really trying to get it.

Summers, Buffy
3, but a cut off after season 5 since that'd be when her "death" is and she's not supposed to exist after that time.

Does this sound okay? Am I totes crazy? =o=;
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Okay, I figured I better do this for Utena now.

I'm going to say she's going to sit around level 2. I'm also going to say that the "dark spots" about her are artificially made by Akio, Anthy, and the Ohtori Academy itself. He can know about the duels, the Rose Bride (Anthy), and the fact that she's really fighting for "World Revolution". He can even sense that the place she is in (Ohtori Academy) isn't natural, that it could be the reason why he can't sense everything about her (because Akio doesn't like losing duelists).

But the main thing he can't sense is that Akio and Anthy are the ones in control of Ohtori.
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[personal profile] loathsomecopy 2012-01-14 04:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Level 3. Technically he's post-Heroes but shouldn't be in this form still, but I'm thinking of eventually having him go through the rest of what little roles he has in the next games, complete with his creator nabbing him and reprogramming him to be the obedient robot he was before (though he'll still snark about things because that is fun). Feel free for him to know all that. Here's a post with just his personality - I'll add more stuff to that later with how he'll respond to some things or even just what he's thinking.
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[personal profile] chronokinesis 2012-02-10 04:58 am (UTC)(link)
And I realized I need to fill this out now too. XD

Right. So.

[personal profile] occultistpeter - Level 3. Here's a wiki thing, go nuts. (Just make sure you use the 2011 version.)

[personal profile] chronokinesis and [personal profile] ultimateenemy - I actually have no idea what Doc Scratch would be able to do with these. Basically, Clockwork is a sort of god/guardian of time and does a lot of fiddly things with timelines that he causes not to exist, and they don't end up paradoxes because he's just cool like that. And Dan is a denizen of one of those now non-existent timelines and simply lives outside of time. So... whatever Doc Scratch can figure out from this timey-wimey mess is fine with me.
Have a wiki.
Have another.
I'm taking Clockwork from soon before Masters of All Time but he'll be progressing through canon relatively soon - Dan is already at the canon end of his. I've also got some headcanon so I can play them - for example, Clockwork not causing Dan the first time, as that just doesn't make any sense to me, but they did meet before canon events, hence the "Clockwork. Meddling again." line - so go ahead and bug me often if you need anything. ^^
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Level 3 for Bruce! General info, personal headcanon, and anything else can most likely be found his wiki.

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OK AS FOR SHIA: He can feel free to hint that he knows exactly what she is and what she's searching for (a demon, and she's searching for her memory, basically-- years and years that she's lost) and he can KNOW and mention to other members about her, should the subject somehow come up, about the fact that she used to have a family-- a husband named Taro and two children-- and that she's at least like 130 years old, but I would really prefer it if details of her family were kept from her for now. She's not supposed to hear the name "Taro" until a certain point in her canon, because it's the key that unlocks her missing memories. It's a hugely important plot point in her canon!

SO BASICALLY he can go on about what she is and what she's on earth doing, and that her next-door neighbor holds the key. I LOVE DOC SCRATCH BY THE WAY...

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