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⓪⑥ ; "Hey don't you have to work on an explanation for that canon thing about Green Su--" "NO SHH"

I have stumbled upon a...

charming little blog.

((Feel free to rummage through that Tumblr, particularly free to assume that the most spoilery images are invisible to the cast and intimately related CR (if you're not familiar with Homestuck as a canon, you can either ask or just not worry about it, Scratch can work something out), and especially free to think of me as a terrible person.))
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always video;

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[Well, this girl is still pretty beaten up from two weeks ago because time has slowed down in her world--to about an hour=one day real time. In any case, it means she can take a beating and not let it bug her too much. So here she is with one missing horn and a terribly demolished arm, but she has an almost confused expression as she reads over this entry.] Why would saying
one is a doctor

attract women?

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[Okay, that makes her giggle.] He he he.
Truly? The only other doctor
I personally know

seems to prefer cigarettes over

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[And here she looks back over the image.] I find it difficult to believe
that you wish for another's


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It is what makes you
'an excellent host'.
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But...I am afraid that
I do not understand

the phrase 'polish your discs'.

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...Perhaps it is
unique to your world.

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...this is disgusting and so are you.

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They wouldn't even have good dating advice! They're thirteen! And you're not even capable of love!