docfoul: (Oh bother.)
Doc Scratch ([personal profile] docfoul) wrote2011-11-25 08:27 am

⓪⑤ ; video ; What Is Yet To Come (and already here)

[The doppelganger is gone, but the community has one last virus for Scratch:]

[Video A:]

[And that is exactly what you see. No more, no less.]

[Video B:]
[Tick... tock... The clock ticks on in a strangely - disturbingly, even - lifeless apartment. Tick... tock... No other sound can be heard.

Tick... Tock...

Scratch lies limply on the floor. Just a puppet.



The video cuts out so suddenly that you might very well miss the green glow forming around the doll's body.]

((I-I CAN STOP BOTHERING YOU ALL FOR A WHILE NOW. One important note: Scratch can only see video B. You are obviously free to comment on both, but he won't know what the fuck. And that is pretty funny to me.))

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