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⓪④ ; video ; A Glimpse Into Memory Lane

This is a video of a METEOR flying through space. It is not very EXCITING.

It does get a bit STRANGE when the meteor appears to flash, though, and stranger still when you notice it has STOPPED COMPLETELY IN MID-AIR, suddenly a few meters above Doc Scratch and a STUPIDLY GREEN apartment building.

The video pans down to Scratch's arms, holding a happy, cute little GRUB. And then it's OVER.

((OOC: Hey there, cast/related people! If you'd rather forbid your character from seeing this video for whatever reason, shoot me a PM and I'll get some locks in here because God knows the community is very mindful of spoilers. ouo))
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always video;

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...Is that where you
[on a meteor. in a green apartment. it's a stupid question, but she asks it anyways to waste his time.]
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[...what powers were those again--regardless!] Such a pretty world
that you protect...
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Such life is a
[mayybe a little bit envious. her own world doesn't change except for the passing thoughts of the dead. to destroy, to rebuild--these are two things her world will truly never have, so long as everything is an illusion created by their memories]
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...No, I would not think
it would.
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And why is
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[she understands.] ...And what of

Is it not unpleasant for

you, or are you
being a guardian?
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...And is the converse
[meaning if he dies, the universe dies]
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He he he.
Am I to assume that...

the universe to which you are attached

has no other to
fall to,
should you perish?

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It's always small children with you, isn't it.

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Not only are you a smuggy cueball who preys on the innocent with misdirection, but you do it with people too young to know how to work around it and you then kidnap them and make them your slaves. I'd go "nice work with your evil" if you weren't such a lazy bum who can't be bothered to fight adults!

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No bug-people orphanages? Also, I could totally raise her better than you can.

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So, other than you, what other sentient living beings exist at that point in time?

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Tell me about the agents from Derse. Spare no details.

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What's the Dark Kingdom? Why did they fight the Queen?

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Everyone from your universe is so catchy. How do they do it?